Supernatural Rave

     Hi, everyone! On livejournal, you may (but probably don't) know me as trill_gutterbug, SPN-obsessor extraordinaire. Over here, I'm just as in love with Supernatural! Whatta surprise. Anyway, so the point of this site is to a) archive my own work, which is a slim selection, but growing all the time, b) rec my favourite authors, stories, meta, picspams, discussions, et cetera, and c) to be a general sort of squeeing arena for all things SPN.

     We owe the lovely banner to the wonderful ran_cl on, and it is copyrighted to her. All fanworks on this site are either copyrighted to their respective authors/artists/squeers, or, in the case of the ranting/gushing/scribbling being my own, copyrighted to yours truly. Don't be snagging without credit, por favor.



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